Derma Roller Do's and Do Not's


  • Disinfect before and after the procedure - dunk your roller's head in a glass of rubbing alcohol for a full hour (simply spraying it will not erase all the bacteria and hot water may damage your needles and roller).
  • Cleanse skin throughly to remove any dirt, bacteria or residule products
  • Patch Test - Use your Derma Roller on a small patch on the soft tissue of your forearm (say 2"x2") with your chosen serum, wait 2 days monitoring the patch. If no adverse reaction you may use on your face. (Note: Slight redness is normal after use and should calm after a day or 2).
  • Start off slowly with shorter needles and work your way up.
  • Apply numbing cream if the needle is bigger than 0.5mm.
  • Use your roller in a star pattern, five times in each direction - 5 times vertically, 5 times horizontally, 5 times diagonally each inclination; and make sure to always lift up your roller each time so the needle won't be insisting in the same "micro-hole" over and over again and apply using only light pressure.
  • Be careful with the products you apply afterwards - you should avoid products with strong and irritant active ingredients (avoid essential oils, acids, retinol or retinol-type ingredients, highly fragranced formulas and/or comedogenic ingredients).
  • Apply gentle and calming products for hyper sensitive skin types.
  • Change your roller after approx 8-10 uses for maximum performance.



Attempt Dermarolling if you're on the following medication:


               (ro)accutane / isotetrinoine

               antibiotics or penicillin

               drugs for high blood pressure


               any medication that may increase skin sensitivity

               drugs that decrease healing

               drugs that cause hyper or hypopigmentation



  • Dermaroll if you've recently had a peeling or exfoliating treatment, if you've had laser treatment or if your skin is just feeling vulnerable and sensitive overall
  • Dermaroll over areas with the following characteristics or conditions:
  • Active Acne / Rosacea / Keratosis / Eczema / Psoriasis / Rashes / any other skin condition
  • Any type of contagious skin disease
  • Abnormal Skin Growth
  • Keloid scarring
  • Moles
  • Sunburn
  • Skin Cancer
  • Warts
  • Open Wounds
  • Any type of inflamation or bruised skin
  • Hemophillia
  • Apply too much pressure, slide your roller over your concerned areas (avoiding eye area unless that's your specific target) about five times in different directions as a star pattern, as explained above in the Do's section
  • Share your Dermaroller - that is you personal tool and you should not share it with anyone as you'd not share a mascara, toothbrush and such
  • Apply makeup, sunscreen or tanning lotion for the next 24h
  • Be in direct sunlight for the next 24h
  • Exfoliate your skin at all until it completely heals (that includes anything with acids on them and exfoliating scrubs)
  • If the Derma Roller has been dropped (as needles may bend), replace immediately
  • Use anymore than twice in a week.